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Planning Your Visit

Building or remodeling your home can be quite the undertaking.  Especially when shopping for products for that project.  Some folks will already have taken to the internet using Pinterest, Google, Facebook or DIY websites.  And that’s a great start.  It helps you get an idea of the type of finish, material, or design that will fit your space.

Things To Bring With You

Your contractor or designer will more than likely provide product options throughout your project.  But if you plan to research particular brands, here are a few important elements to bring with you on your visit. Design, finish and budget.  These three elements can have an important impact if you are trying to stay within a budget guideline. 

Here a few more helpful tips: 

  • If possible, note the manufacturer’s name for the product brands you are researching.  This is helpful, especially if your are looking through Pinterest boards.

  • For cabinet pulls and/or knobs: count the number of cabinets you will be needing hardware for.  This will help if you are budgeting for each project.

  • Door hardware:  Handing of a door is very important.  Handing is a term used to indicate how a door swings. It's important to note that determining handing when ordering door locks is a bit different than how you determine door handing for carpentry (ordering and hanging doors). To do this, you'll need to stand on the outside of your door. Notice where the hinges are. 

  • Toilets: Standard Toilet Placement. The minimum distance between the toilet and a finished wall on either side is 15 inches. This is measured from the toilet’s centerline, not from the outside edge. The plumber determines the actual distance when he sets the toilet flange in the floor.

  • Bathtubs: The standard bathtub dimensions are 32 inches wide and 60 inches long. Most bathtub and shower combos come standard and are 60 inches by 30 inches by 72 inches or 60 inches by 36 inches by 72 inches.  If you are removing an existing tub, this will be helpful as you search for a replacement.

  • Bathroom sinks: When it comes to picking the right bathroom sink dimensions for a new or existing space, it’s both a matter of preference and space limitations. If you are replacing an existing sink, you’ll need to work with current vanity and counter dimensions as well as plumbing hookups. You’ll also need to consider your faucet choice to make sure the sink you want has the correct number of faucet holes, if applicable.  

  • Kitchen Sinks: When designing a new kitchen or remodeling an existing one, choosing a kitchen sink is an important part of the planning. Along with picking the best sink material for your needs, you must choose the dimensions and depth of the sink or sinks as well as the best placement. 

Hopefully some of these tips will help as you work with your contractor or designer throughout your project.  Architectural Hardware Designs staff are also available to walk you through your plans to find the perfect product to fit your needs. If you have further questions, drop us a note below.


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